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Unconventional. Authentic. Nomad.

Jay McBride is a former U.S. Army Special Forces (Green Beret) (Ret) with experience managing operations, intelligence, medical operations and practice, finance, and security in the military and intelligence community. Jay is an expert in unconventional and irregular design techniques used by the U.S. military's Special Operation Forces. Jay is a multilingual communications expert who has deployed over 65 months to some of the most austere and remote locations in the world to understand the issues facing foreign, local and indigenous communities. Jay was the first responder to the Yazidi Bombings in Iraq (2007), the second largest terrorist attack in history, and successfully coordinated solutions with the people of Til Ezer and Sabi Sheikh Khidir, in northern Iraq, to provide immediate and necessary aid. Jay continues communications research at Grand Valley State University while completing his graduate degree in Communications and is currently an educator.

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