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Notes of Now

Jay and Vanessa have taken their unique passion and interest in music and formed Notes of Now. They bring to you a unique musical experience through a variety of instruments and styles to satisfy the mind, spirit and even body.

Who We Are

Jay is a retired US Army Special Forces Operator (Green Beret). Since 1999 he has traveled the world and led a life of service. Jay has earned an MS in Communication from GVSU. Jay is a K-12 substitute teacher and college professor.

Vanessa has earned a BS in Music and attended seminary earning an MA in Biblical Literature. Vanessa is an experienced teacher, herbalist and is completing her education and certification in the practice of yoga for mindfulness.


Notes of Now endeavors to bring music into the lives of everyone in a unique way. We have played as street performers and also in senior centers. We offer sound healing and education with natural instruments. We believe music can change lives, bring healing and peace, and can connect a community.


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